Welcome to my personal website. I created this site to introduce myself, my works and my thoughts to the world. Over many years of browsing around on the internet, I have stumbled upon many small, personal websites containing lots of useful information, that I could use at some point in my professional career. I highly esteem those who dedicate their free time to share that information with the public without expecting anything in return.

It’s time for me to return something back to the world. This site aims to be a similar place, I hope you’ll find here whatever you are looking for, or find something interesting that you haven’t even looked for while browsing this site.

Portrait of Peter BudaiAbout me

My name is Peter Budai and I’m a computer scientist living in Budapest, Hungary.

I’ve been interested in computer hardware and software since my childhood. I started programming in primary school using a good old 2 MHz PC-XT and BASIC, and since then I have learned and used many programming languages from Pascal to C++11 and Python and I got to know many systems and frameworks like .NET, JavaEE and cloud computing. I studied in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and graduated as Master of Computer Engineering. Currently I’m working full time at Tresorit as a VP of Product Development.

I consider myself lucky as my profession is also my hobby, but besides that I also like photography, cars, hiking and of course meeting and drinking beer with friends.

Take a look around

So far I have a general techblog about programming, software design, website administration and almost anything interesting I came across.