Using #pragma once with conditional compilation

The #pragma once directive offers some advantages over the traditional header guard idiom, but as it is not part of the C/C++ standard we have to rely on the – not too verbose – compiler documentations. In this post, I examine what happens if you mix this directive with other Read along →

Designing the cube – part 2

In my last article I presented an overview of the LED cube, separating the design into three parts: the cube itself and the driver and controller circuits. This time I’m going to discuss the second one and emphasize the differences between the original building instructions and my solution.

Designing the cube – part 1

I have promised LEDs, and lots of interesting topic, but all you got is just some physics stuff, you could say. And you were right, so this time I introduce the design of my LED cube, explaining the decisions that lead to this specific design, which may help others if they are doing a similar project. Read along →

BitLocker on non-system partition

Microsoft’s full disk encryption software can leverage the functionality of the computers built-in TPM chip. Bacause of this you won’t have to type in yet another password every time you start the computer while the data on your hard disk still remains protected. But it is not so simple when you only want to encrypt your secondary partition. Read along →