I got interviewed on SE-Radio

Thanks to Kim Carter I had the honor to appear in one of SE-Radio’s regular podcasts, where we talk about the current issues and upcoming trends of cloud security and creating secure, encrypted applications. You can listen to it here.

Kim Carter of BinaryMist turned out to be a fellow Tresorit user and a SE-Radio podcast host in one person. So he decided to put together a show on cloud security for which he thought about me as a good guest speaker based on the role and experiences as a developer and cryptography engineer at Tresorit.

In this episode, Kim and I are talking about end-to-end encryption, backdoors, the scenarios where E2EE can be and should be used. IM, VoIP, email scenarios, as well as interservice communication scenarios such as securing data in use with full memory encryption, CPU-based key storage, enclaves, cryptographic protocols. We discuss encrypting communications between microservices in the cloud. Which ciphers to avoid and which to use along with how to find the right crypto library for your next software project.

Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. Three to four times per month, we publish a new episode talking to experts from the software engineering world about the full range of topics that matter to professional developers.

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